About the School

General Information

Beihai University of Art and Design is located in the beautiful coastal city of Beihai, Guangxi Province. It was formerly known as the Beijing Arts and Crafts School in Guangxi, which was established in 2000. In 2003, it was renamed Beihai Vocational College of Art and Design. In 2014, it was upgraded to a regular undergraduate institution and renamed Beihai University of Art and Design, which is the only regular undergraduate institution in Beihai City.

The university has 8 secondary colleges, with 13,637 regular

undergraduate students, and 21 undergraduate majors, covering art,

literature, education, philosophy, Chinese international education and other disciplines.

Based on its strategic location, the university has embraced a dual-city training approach in Beihai and Beijing, along with fostering collaborative education between the institution and enterprises. This has led to the development of the "5562" high-quality applied talent training model. The exceptional quality of this training has garnered widespread recognition and praise from society. Over the past three years, students have achieved remarkable success, securing 1,556 awards in various competitions at or above the autonomous region level. Notably, in 2021, students clinched the national silver medal in the 7th China International "Internet +" College Student Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition. In August 2022, the institution achieved Level A status with 158 awards in the "National General College College Student Art Competition Total List," ranking 33rd among 1,098 undergraduate colleges and universities nationwide, and 2nd among private colleges and universities. In November 2022, the university contributed to the development of the country's first group standard for art competitions, "General Requirements for the Organization and Management of Digital Art Competitions in General Universities" (Standard No. T/CAS672-2022). Furthermore, the university has been honored as an "Outstanding Unit for Employment and Entrepreneurship of General College Graduates in Guangxi" for

three consecutive years from 2017 to 2019, and in 2022, it was recognized as an "Outstanding Unit for Employment of General College Graduates in the Region."

The beautiful campus has been recognized as a green school in Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region. Its teaching and administrative buildings cover 256700 square meters, an average of 18.82 square meters per student. The total value of existing teaching and research equipment is 72.5663 million yuan, an average of 5321.28 yuan per student. There are 152 experimental sites on campus, 168 off-campus practice and training bases and one campus-culture education practice base. The library owns a collection of 1.197 million paper books, an average of 87.77 paper books per student, 1.4 million electronic books, and 93300 electronic journals. The educational conditions and environment of BUAD meet the needs.

Our college always shoulders the mission of serving the whole society and actively play a role in promoting local economic and social development. So far, we have provided consultation and design services for over 200 projects for local governments and enterprises. The 3D animation South Pearl Baby on the Maritime Silk Road, which is made by the collaboration with Guangxi Kuo Erden Cultural Media Company, won the Outstanding Works Award in the 14th Guangxi Five Ones Project. Among national university design

competitions,the projects Brand Enhancement of Edible Fungi

Industry in Chixi Village, Gaode Town, Beihai Cityand Art

Meets Beautiful VillagesBeihai Begonia Tourism Poverty

Alleviation Projectwere selected as typical innovative cases

empowering rural revitalization.

The university's reform and development have garnered widespread attention and significant recognition. The satisfaction rate of employers with the graduates has consistently remained at around 95%. It has been awarded honors such as the "Outstanding Contribution Award" and "Distinctive Approach to Education" by the Guangxi

Private Education Association, and has been recognized as an

outstanding unit for employment and entrepreneurship of graduates

from universities in Guangxi for several consecutive years. Its

teaching and reform experiences have been reported by various

media outlets including People's Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Xuexi.cn, China Education Newspaper, Guangxi News Network, Beihai

Radio and Television Station, and Beihai Daily. The college has

made contributions to local economic and social development and

has earned high praise from local governments, relevant enterprises,and mainstream media. (Data as of June 2023)