School History
In 2000

Beijing Arts and Crafts School in Guangxi, then a technical secondary school, was established, first-time recruiting 68 students.

In 2001

The school was renamed Beijing College of Art and Design in Guangxi.

In 2002

The college started joint education with Guilin College of Technology and began admitting junior college students.

In 2003

Beihai Vocational College of Art and Design was set up. The first enrollment focused on the following majors: computer art design, sculpture art, fashion design, environmental art design, painting, and graphic art design.

In 2004

The college founded the Beijing Practical Training Base, which was affiliated with the Adult Education Department of the School of Fine Arts at Tsinghua University.

In 2006

The college’s project “Series of Lectures by Eminent Professors” has officially been initiated. At the end of 2021, it has invited 233 famous teachers and experts, holding a total of 336 lectures.

In 2007

For the first time the college has been expanded and then put into use (with the East Campus expanding eastward). We successively constructed and used the 3-5 floors of the Juewu Building, the Comprehensive Building in East Campus, the Office Area, the Library, the Faculty Dormitory Building, and the Student Dormitory Building.

In 2012

The college has accepted and passed through the evaluation of talent training organized by the Guangxi Department of Education.

In 2013

 In November, the university underwent a comprehensive evaluation organized by the Ministry of Education for its upgrade from associate college to undergraduate university program.

In 2014

 On May 27th, the Ministry of Education issued a document approving the establishment of Beihai University of Art and Design. In the same year, four undergraduate majors were launched: Visual Communication Design, Environmental Arts Design, Animation, and Fashion Design. In November, the undergraduate support project in Tibet was initiated in accordance with the deployment of the Ministry of Education.

In 2015

 The construction of the Western Campus was completed and inaugurated.

In 2016

 The Western Campus was officially put into use.

In 2017

 The university's student population exceeded ten thousand for the first time. The new library and gymnasium in the Western Campus were completed and put into use, and construction began on No.11 elevator dormitory building for students in the Western Campus.

In 2018

 A panel of experts conducted a bachelor's degree authorization audit and inspection at the university. The Inaugural Meeting of the Advisory Committee and the first plenary meeting of the committee members were held.

In 2019

 The university signed a credit recognition and dual bachelor's degree cooperation agreement with the University of Derby in the United Kingdom. The  No.11 elevator dormitory building in the Western Campus had been completed.

In 2020
The university celebrated its 20th anniversary and started the construction of the Southern Campus.