School Emblem & School Motto

School Motto

"Moral Integrity"

[Definition] "Moral Integrity" means understanding the principles and cultivating virtue. "Dao / Moral" refers to the origin of all things and objective laws. Understanding the principles involves exploring and mastering the truth that conforms to objective laws. "De / Integrity" refers to all actions and behaviors that conform to objective laws. Taking "Moral Integrity" as the school motto, we would like to wholeheartedly serve the people. The faculty considers it their mission to cultivate virtue in students, while students strive to become high-quality, application-oriented talents with comprehensive development in morality, intelligence, physique, aesthetics, and labor skills.



School Emblem

[Definition] The school emblem was officially adopted in September 2002. It is elliptical in shape, based on the stylized form of a human eye. It emphasizes the keenness of artistic observation and the ability to capture things, symbolizing the broad vision of the faculty and students of the Beihai University of Art and Design. The standard color of the emblem is Chinese red (CMYK: C0, M100, Y100, K10), symbolizing eternity, brightness, prosperity, warmth, and hope.




School Anthem




School Song