Professional Introduction

Preschool Education

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 Educational objectives:

Master the necessary basic theoretical knowledge of pedagogy, art, child psychology, child health science, systematic and solid professional knowledge of preschool education, and have outstanding professional ability to organize daily life in kindergartens, scientifically create children's happy learning and living environment, rationally organize children's games and comprehensively implement educational activities.

Core Courses:

Preschool pedagogy, science of preschool child development, preschool child care, preschool education for special children, preschool curriculum, preschool language education, preschool health education, preschool art education, history of preschool education at home and abroad.

Employment direction:

Mainly in kindergartens, early education institutions, preschool education and training institutions, party and government organs and enterprises and institutions of education, culture, publicity departments of preschool education-related jobs and businesses.