Professional Introduction


Source:设计艺术学院 Editor: 吕雅婷 Date:2022-07-01 Views:220

 Educational objectives:

In terms of knowledge, students should master the necessary basic theoretical knowledge of philosophy, pedagogy, art, and systematic and solid theoretical knowledge of philosophy; In terms of ability and quality, students are supposed to have the ability of philosophical thinking, and can philosophically think about theoretical, practical and social issues, especially artistic issues. Students will graduate with a good comprehensive quality of humanities, science, theory, innovation and entrepreneurship, as well as excellent professional quality of philosophy.

Core Courses:

Principles of Marxist philosophy, History of Western Philosophy, History of Chinese Philosophy, Modern Western Philosophy, Philosophy of Science and Technology, Ethics, Religion, Logic, Psychology, Principles of Aesthetics, etc.

Employment direction:

Party and government organs, enterprises and institutions, literary and art departments and other units, document writing, policy publicity, document compilation, corporate culture, party and government management and related management work.