Professional Introduction


Source:设计艺术学院 Editor: 吕雅婷 Date:2022-07-01 Views:229

 Educational objectives:

To possess foundational skills in modeling, comprehensive material application, digital painting, art theory, and other relevant theoretical knowledge; to have professional qualities such as artistic aesthetics and individuality, creative design thinking, teamwork spirit, and the ability to endure hardship; to be equipped with abilities in modeling, artistic aesthetic judgment, digital painting fundamentals, comprehensive practice, critical thinking, communication, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Core Courses: 

Sketching, Materials and Techniques, Oil Painting Creation (II), Chinese Painting Creation (II), Watercolor Material Expression and Production, Digital Painting Creation, Professional Outdoor Sketching (I), Professional Outdoor Sketching (II).

Employment direction:

Cultural and creative industries, enterprises and institution, educational industry, and other relevant units.