Professional Introduction


Source:设计艺术学院 Editor: 吕雅婷 Date:2022-07-01 Views:357

Educational Objectives:

Have theoretical knowledge of Chinese character culture, calligraphy practice, calligraphy theory, fine arts education, etc. Have the quality of artistic personality, creative design thinking, teamwork spirit and hard-working, etc. At the same time, have the ability of Chinese character cognition, calligraphy foundation, artistic creation, artistic aesthetic judgment, speculation, communication, innovation and entrepreneurship and life-long learning.

Core Courses:

The history of Chinese calligraphy, seal character imitation creation, official script imitation creation, regular script imitation creation,running script imitation creation, cursive script imitation creation, seal cutting imitation creation, calligraphy comprehensive creation.

Employment direction:

Can be engaged in teaching, management, training, creation, design, publicity and other work in primary and secondary schools, art training institutions, children's palaces, newspaper offices, publishing houses, television stations, cultural centers, museums, art galleries, art and cultural companies, cultural departments, party and government offices, companies and enterprises, etc.