Professional Introduction

Clothing and Apparel Design

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 Educational Objectives:

The program aims to equip students with a solid and comprehensive foundation in the basic theories of design, as well as specialized knowledge in modern clothing design, pattern making, craftsmanship, and marketing within the field of clothing and apparel design. Graduates are expected to possess well-rounded qualities in both humanities and technology, demonstrating excellent professional competence in clothing and apparel design. This includes outstanding abilities in the design, development, and promotion of clothing and apparel products, along with a notable proficiency in intelligent clothing manufacturing and innovation for entrepreneurial pursuits.

Core Courses:

Creative Styling in Clothing Design

Brand Clothing Design

3D and Flat Pattern Making I (Women's Outerwear)

3D and Flat Pattern Making II (Silhouette Transformations)

Computer-Aided Pattern Making and Virtual Sewing

Digital Printing Product Design

Integrated Creative Design and Production

Employment Direction:

Graduates are primarily positioned for employment and entrepreneurship in roles related to clothing and apparel design within research and development firms specializing in clothing brands, marketing enterprises for fashion accessories, and other entities engaged in fashion communication.