Professional Introduction

Clothing Design and Engineering

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 Educational Objectives:

The program aims to cultivate students with a solid foundation in clothing structure, craftsmanship, and design theory. This includes a robust practical capability in clothing design and production, as well as the ability to extend and penetrate into related areas of clothing design. Furthermore, the program emphasizes the development of a high level of cultural and artistic connotations, along with refined aesthetic abilities.

Core Courses:

Fashion Styling

Brand Planning and Product Development

3D and Flat Clothing Pattern Making I (Women's Outerwear)

3D and Flat Clothing Pattern Making II (Silhouette Variations)

Computer-based Clothing Pattern Making and Virtual Sewing

Textile Design

Integrated Pattern Making and Production

Employment Direction:

Graduates are primarily positioned for employment and entrepreneurship in enterprises of clothing brand research and development, clothing and accessories sales, and fashion dissemination. They are well-prepared for roles in various positions related to clothing design and engineering.