Professional Introduction

Broadcasting and Hosting

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Educational Objectives

Our department aims to train students to be talents with the basic knowledge of news communication and profound cultural foundation.They need to master the basic theory and knowledge of Broadcasting and Hosting, to take essential training in broadcasting, hosting, news interviewing, writing, editing, etc. Besides, students also have to make sure that they have good moral psychological quality and physical quality .

Core Courses:

Pronunciation, Mandarin basis of broadcasting create, the basic creation of Hosting & broadcasting ,the radio announcing and hosting Art of improvisational expression, Art of voice acting , telecast& hosting , News interviewing and writing.

Employment Direction:

Not only Students can work in some media groups and government units which have broadcast and TV networks,but also they are able to work as announcer and host in enterprises and institutions.They can provide voice acting for movies and animations.They qualify for the occupations that related with language communication like news broadcasting, cultural communication, product marketing and public relations.