Professional Introduction

Environmental Design

Source:设计艺术学院 Editor: 吕雅婷 Date:2022-07-01 Views:230

 Educational objectives:

To master the basic theory of the design discipline in the art category;to grasp the professional knowledge and skills of environmental design in aspects such as architectural art design, interior design, landscape design, and human settlement environmental design;to learn about cutting-edge landscaping information; and to familiar with project analysis, design, implementation, management and other aspects of the environmental design process.

Core Courses:

Hand-painted performance techniques, ergonomics, living space design and performance, commercial space design, rural landscape design, office space design, display space design model making, rural planning and design.

Employment direction:

Graduates mainly work in party and government organizations, enterprises and institutions related to architectural decoration, interior design, landscape design, urban and rural planning, etc., and start businesses in fields associated with environmental design.